How To Earn Points: 

You earn points by playing in Borgata Poker games which have a rake or fee. Points in Ring Games are earned at a rate of 2 points for every $1 in rake you contribute.

In tournaments, you earn points based on the entry fee. You receive iRPs at the rate of 2 iRP’s for each $1.00 USD in fee paid.

For example, if you play a tournament which costs $20 to enter, $18 goes into the prize pool, and $2 is the entry fee. You earn 2 iRP’s for each $1 USD in entry fees, so you would receive 4 iRP’s for playing this event.
In a $10 buy-in Sit & Go poker tournament with a $0.90 entry fee, 1.80 iRP’s will be awarded to each player who played in the tournament. You can also earn points by playing Casino games. Check below to see the wagering requirements to earn 1 iRP:

Game Type Wager To Earn 1 iRP
SLOTS $10.00
CRAPS $75.00
OTHER $10.00

Note: Points cannot be accumulated via low-risk bets on Roulette, Single Deck Blackjack or Texas Hold'em Video Poker.

To redeem your points online at our iRewards Store, you must first be logged in; otherwise you will only see a subset of our catalog.

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